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They were schoolboys.
this week, on kitchen nightmares

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Les misérable au
Musichetta, devastated by the death of her boyfriends decides to kill herself and she joins them in heaven. As soon as she arrived she makes jokes about Bossuet’s awkwardness. He tried his best to look offended but the sight to his boyfriend and girlfriend finally reunited makes it really hard.


The Originals as the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Fancasting meme : Younger Versions [2/11]: Harry Lloyd as Lucius Malfoy.

"Dear me, what’s the use of being a disgrace to the name of wizard if they don’t even pay you well for it?"


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Phoebe Tonkin at TVD’s 100th Episode Party

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favorite celebrity meme: [2/4] favorite pictures

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HERO ANTHEMS A mix of my personal favourite “hero anthems” from various hand-drawn Non/Disney films. Songs sung by heroes or about them, a collection of dreams, desires, and doing the right thing. (compilation by rrueplumet and archangelofmusic

PERFECT WORLD (kuzco; the emperor’s new groovePART OF THAT WORLD (ariel; the little mermaidGO THE DISTANCE (hercules; herculesWHEN WILL MY LIFE BEGIN (rapunzel; tangledHAWAIIAN ROLLER COASTER RIDE (lilo, nani, and friends; lilo & stitchSON OF MAN (tarzan; tarzanON MY FATHER’S WINGS (kayley; quest for camelotONE JUMP AHEAD (aladdin; aladdinI JUST CAN’T WAIT TO BE KING (simba; the lion kingA DREAM IS A WISH YOUR HEART MAKES (cinderella; cinderellaOUT THERE (quasimodo; the hunchback of notre dameREFLECTION (mulan; mulanFOR A MOMENT (melody and ariel; the little mermaid ii: return to the seaI’M STILL HERE (jim hawkins; treasure planet) ONCE UPON A DECEMBER (anastasia; anastasia) SOON (thumbelina; thumbelina)  IT’S TOUGH TO BE A GOD (miguel and tulio; the road to el dorado)  ON MY WAY (kenai and koda; brother bear) ONCE UPON A DREAM (aurora; sleeping beauty) BELLE [REPRISE] (belle; beauty and the beast)  ALL I EVER WANTED (moses; the prince of egypt) ; ALMOST THERE (tiana; the princess and the frog) COLOURS OF THE WIND (pocahontas; pocahontas) YOU KNOW BETTER THAN I (joseph; joseph: king of dreams) GOD HELP THE OUTCASTS (esmeralda; the hunchback of notre dame


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